Gi614 : Roses - Cadaques


4 sterne-Bewertung Route
Kurven : 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0
Gerade Streckenabschnitte : 2 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour2.5
Umgebung : 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0
Strassenbeschaffenheit : 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0
Sicht(weite) : 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0
Polizei : green 2 Motorcycle Road2.0
Gefahren : green 3 Motorcycle Road2.5


Route Added By : Steve_Cardiff
Date : April 28, 2007
Länge : 15 kms / 9.3 miles GPX - ???
Road Type :

Mai 27, 2009 - 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0

A great road - one thing to beware of is the road starts by going from an easy 60mph plus straight road, to around a slight left bend a 90degree 30mph right, which if you are not paying attention to signs is quite a shock!

Aside from that issue, which may just be me, it is a truly great road! As has been said above Cadaques is nice town but the ride to get there is great, lots of corners, quite a few tight corners plus a few more sweeping bends.

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April 28, 2007 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

This is a great area that attracts a lot of visitors, even in April when we visited. Expect lots of cars and camper vans jostling for tarmac with plenty of bikes. It's an okay road until you enter Parc Natural de Cap De Creus where it really comes into it's own. It climbs through the hillside and will have you thinking you're heading inland instead of towards the coast. The surface is brilliant with loads of flowing bends and enough straights to get you past the tourists on the way up to the top of this coastal delight. It's more of the same as you wind down the other side towards the Whitewashed Cadaques which of course is famous for Salvador Dali. It's a favourite for many painters and you can see why as you breath in the sea air whilst enjoying the surroundings. Cadaques is well worth a stroll around but we didn't have time to explore. There were more pressing matters to deal with, like the return journey. The photo's really don't do it justice and I should have taken lots more. Maybe next time. Enjoy.

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