Sherman Pass Road (Kernville to Kennedy Meadows


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Route Added By : deeznuts
Date : Marz 10, 2018
Länge : 101 kms / 62.8 miles GPX - ???
Road Type : Gebirgig

Marz 10, 2018 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

This is a great route through a high-elevation mountain pass (9200' elevation). Probably best for Supermoto, sport bikes, or touring/adventure bikes, but you could ride anything if you are up for a lot of curves. When you start up the mountain, it is all curves and somewhat narrow. The road is probably closed in winter (likely through May or June), so check the season and weather before you go. But it's great views, almost no one up there (when we went in October), and a fun route! Kennedy Meadows store has gas too.

Gravel/Sand: we encountered light sand on some corners, and slid around a bit, so be careful and watch the roadway for hazards.

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