Rodopi Mountain Pass

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4 sterne-Bewertung Route
Kurven : 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0
Gerade Streckenabschnitte : 1 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour1.5
Umgebung : 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0
Strassenbeschaffenheit : 2 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour2.0
Sicht(weite) : 3 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour3.0
Polizei : green 1 Motorcycle Road1.0
Gefahren : green 4 Motorcycle Road4.0

Route Added By : gogo
Date : Juni 14, 2013
Länge : 142 kms / 88.2 miles GPX - ???
Road Type : Gebirgig
Mai 18, 2015 - 4 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour4.0

The scenery and the environment is spectacular but the road surface is awful. On every corner you will find some sand, water, boulders, potholes, fallen trees, gravel and sometimes combination of those. You need to be VERY careful. Keep in mind that you are quite away from a city and cell coverage is limited. If possible prefer an enduro bike.

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Juni 14, 2013 - 5 sterne-Bewertung Route Motorradtour5.0

This is a great road for tourist - enduro motorbikes. There is not graval sections but on some corners could be sand or stones which could surprise you. The highest section is with brand new asphalt but the road is narrow. Neverthless the trafic is in general not present. So the road is all yours.

Motorrad Routen 3 Fotos verfügbar
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  • gogo
  • BMW R 1150 GS
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